NOC of Building in haryana

NOC of Building in haryana

The Town Planning Wing has been established at the Head Quarters to look after the work of perspective planning for establishment of new Urban Estates, planning of commercial areas and research/development of zoning regulations. The wing is headed by a Chief Town Planner (HUDA) who is assisted by Senior Town Planner, District Town Planners, and Assistant Town Planner. The Town Planning Wing has also been entrusted with the job of designing and issue of advertisements in the newspapers regarding floatation of residential/industrial/ institutional sectors in all the Urban Estates, as well as work relating to Group Housing Schemes, Govt. land Schemes and Mandi Townships.

Haryana Urban Development Authority is a prime agency of the State Government engaged in the planned development of urban areas in the state. It undertakes development of land , NOC of Building in Haryana after the same is acquired by the Govt. of Haryana through its Urban Estates department for specific land uses, like residential, Commercial and Industrial etc. in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plans of a particular area.

The Development Plans are got prepared and published by the Director Town & Country Planning Haryana, in exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-Section 7 of section 5 of the Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Areas (Restriction of Unregulated Development) Act, 1963.

After acquisition of land, a layout plan is prepared on the basis of a plane table survey of the acquired land, and in accordance with the norms & standards evolved by HUDA for providing a congenial living environment.

For the purpose of ensuring health and safety of the allottees and for proper aesthetics and a desirable street picture, Haryana Urban Development Authority( Erection of Buildings) Regulations, 1979 have been framed, which besides other design / Structural requirements, specify the proportion of the site which may be covered with building, F.A.R., Max. height etc. in the case of different types of buildings.


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