How to take change of land use (clu) permission in haryana

How to take clu permission in haryana

Change of Land Use (CLU)

If you want to change the use of your property from, for instance, agricultural to residential, you must apply for a CLU permission.
To obtain a CLU permission in Haryana, you must apply to the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Haryana. You can apply for it online, by first registering on the Haryana Town and Country Planning Department website. On registering, you must first click on the ‘e-CLU’ button and select the ‘file new CLU’ option.


  • Step 1- Filling in the ‘Ownership Status of Applied Land.’ In this step, you have to enter the site details. These include- the intended use of the property (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), tehsil and village names and mustil and khasra numbers.
  • Step 2- Filling in the ‘Applicant details.’ In this step, you have to enter the applicant type (individual, company, etc) and total area of the property. The website calculates the scrutiny fees according to the area of the property. You will be asked for your identity documents in this step.
  • Step 3- Filling in the ‘Address details.’ You have to enter the correspondence details of the applicant now.
  • Step 4- Filling in the ‘Site and Financial Details.’ You must enter the details of the routes connecting the site, the type of construction of the property (pucca, temporary, etc.) and answer if the site is vacant. In this step, you will have to upload a copy of the CLU permission form, the building plan and site photographs.
  • Step 5- Filling in the ‘Financial capacity’ details. Here you will have to upload the project details of the property you intend to construct and enter its estimated cost.

Step 6- Uploading documents, which are-

  • Sajra plan from the patwari
  • Survey plan of the land on a scale of 1” to 40 feet showing the means of access to the land.
  • Ownership/title document- sale/gift/exchange deed.
  • Jamabandi
  • Mutation certificate
  • Prescribed form (CLU-I)
  • Indemnity bond.
  • Step 6- Preview and submit the application.

On submitting the application, you will receive an application number via email. Save the number.

Time period for grant/refusal of permission

The TCP department of Haryana will grant or refuse you CLU permission within 60 days. You must submit your application number at the time of receipt of permission.


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