Sr. No. Policy Type Link
1 Licence 1-Policy for License – Haryana View File
2-Policy for License – Haryana – Amendment View File
3-Policy for License – Haryana – Amendment in IT Park View File
4-Policy for License – Heights for Grouping Housing and Commerial Building View File
5-Policy for License – Parking View File
6-List of Portential Zone View File
Sr. No. Policy Type Link
3 DDJAY 1A-DDJAY-APHP 2016-Notification-1.4.2016 View File
1-DDJAY-APHP 2016 View File
2-Clarification_DDJAY_Policy_722017 View File
3-Final Policy-Extension of DDJAY View File
4-Amendment_of_DDJAY_9.7.2018 View File
5-PF-27A_DDJAY_APHP_Amendment_5.12.2018 View File
7-Official Order of 50% Freez View File
8-Public Notice-2 of 2 DDJAY IN GMUC 03.07.2019 FINAL View File
Sr. No. Policy Type Link
4 LDEFC Government Instructions 29.8.2014 View File
LDEF POLICY 30.5.2014 View File
Sr. No. Policy Type Link
5 CLU Industrial
1-Category of Industries View File
1a-Policy Industrial Units View File
1b-Policy dt. 9.11.2011 View File
1c-Misc-452_Industrial_Policy_Annex-B_30.11.2017 View File
1d-Policy-CLU-EPP-2015-Final-1.10.2015 View File
1e-Misc 388-B View File
1-Policy of Industrial Colony – Memo No.7-16-2006-2TCP View File
Building Plans Norms View File
PT-859_CLU_Indl_Backward_Blocks_Order_8.1.2019 View File
2-Education & Institution
1a-Area Norms of community sites 8.1.2014 View File
1b-Area Norms for Community_Educational Sites 16.06.2010 View File
1c-Misc-341 Policy 26.9.2014 View File
2-Policy-educational institutes in the agriculture zone_19.02.2018 View File
2a-Policy-Educational_Institute_19.02.2018 View File
3-ZP-730_Upgradation_School_Site_RPL View File
4-Exemption from Genuineness certificate View File
3-Petrol pump
1-Composition Fees_2005 View File
2-Policy regarding change of Land Use permission in Controlled Ar_08-11-2007 View File
3-Petrol Pump Policy Amend 27.12.10 View File
4-Misc-220-Draft Policy Petrol Pump-F1-18.12.2012 View File
5-Policy dated 31.12.2012 M-311-CNG-PNG -Draft Policy-F1-18.12.2012 View File
6-MISC-311-PETROL PUMP DRAFT POLICY-Final DT. 3.6.2013 View File
4-Guest & Boarding House
1a-Notification – GuestBoarding house View File
1b-Policy – GuestBoarding house-M-291 View File
1c-Amended on GuestBoarding house 23.06.2019 View File
5-Warehouse Policy
1-Warehouse Policy 16.06.2010 View File
1a-Misc-199-Policy_Warehouse_agriculture_zone_10.7.2017 View File
2-Warehouse Policy AMENDMENT View File
3-Warehouse Policy 24.07.2012 View File
4-Misc-199_Amendment_Zoning_Regulation_20.11.2017 View File
5-MISC-199 CLU Policy 12.1.2015 View File