Documents Required in Occupation Certificate process

Documents Required inOccupation Certificate  process
S.No. Particular Remarks
1 Application on prescribed Form BR-IV and BR-V (four sets) View BR-IV A

View BR-IV B

View BR-V 1

View BR-V 2

2 Three sets of approved building plan deviations marked
3 Three sets of As Built Drawings
4 Type of Building
5 Area in Acres
6 License no and its validty
7 Sale Deed
8 Extension Permission in case of Community Sites
9 Zoning Plan
10 Actual Photographs signed by owner and architect
11 CD containing videography of Site
12 Photographs of LED Lights
13 Fire NOC
14 Certificate regarding registration of lift
15 Copy of Environment Clearance
16 Copy of the qualification/degree of the certifying engineer and Architect along with empanelment certificate.
17 Pan Card
18 Aadhar Card